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Oink oink.....#156 arrived today....Terry...send me a sticker file too. Hmm...Ill be making a kosher piggie...that sounds funny...
73 de K0NEB

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You bet :o) What sn and month do you want on it?

I love this radio stuff !

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Hi Terry ,

Just ordered an enclosure and would like a label file to go on my pig rig .

Does it include the frequency counter ?

Thank you ,

Charlie , W5COV

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> If you want to use a TP-19 enclosure for your rig, I will be happy to supply a
> .pdf file label for you, like mine, but with your call, serial number and
> mo/yr
> finished. Picture here.
> Ten Tec sales just checked their TP-19 stock for us.
> "I show 20 TP-19 in stock (report ran 3 days ago), and 45 TPB-19, and zero
> TPC-19 (though I believe a few of this model went into stock yesterday)."
> ----------------------------------
> I love this radio stuff !


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