Wed Note Nets


Sri this is so late, time got away form me today.

The Four State QRP Comfortable nets meet each Wednesday night
beginning at 7:30 PM Central Time.

Dick and I will be using the club call, WQ5RP and
Wayne will be using his own call, KC�PMH.

Add anything to the exchange that you wish, temp rig, ant, etc.
Checking into all sessions is encouraged, we call it the "Clean Sweep".

7:30 Central time ... 40M CW Net on 7122, KC�PMH NCS
8:00 " " ... 80M CW Net on 3564, WQ5RP/WA�ITP NCS.
8:30 " " ... 40M CW Net on 7122, KC�PMH NCS
9:00 " " ... 80M PSK Net on 3580.5, WQ5RP/N�TGR NCS

All are welcome! After the nets, a list of checkins will be
posted on the Four State reflector

I love this radio stuff.

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