Re: OT and Personal


No need to apologize.  Reports like this are unnerving at a minimum.  However, there are lots of reasons to NOT get too stressed, at least not at this point.  For one thing, these tests often are inaccurate, and probably should be followed up with another.  However, even if it is accurate, you should focus on the fact that medical science today can deal with these kinds of issues very effectively.  In other words, don’t assume the worst!  Your faith is your friend right now, but so are your doctors!
Dave W7AQK

Sent: Thursday, October 2, 2014 9:22 AM
Subject: [4sqrp] OT and Personal

Went for my annual check up at our local VA clinic and got a bad report of PSA at 5.5. Don't know much more but have scheduled appointment with urologist. I would ask my Christian friends for prayer, no offense intended to others and thanks.

Darryl, KK5IB

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