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Paul Smith

I am sure someone more learned than I will jump in but I cleared up the scratch in my Regen pot with a 1 mfd cap across the center  and left  tabs on the pot. It made all the difference.... The designer monsters this board and may have more help. Enjoy it I have been listening to mine quite a bit. In the evenings I can usually find CW signals in the 40 meter area of the dial

de Paul N0NBD

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Guys and Gals,
I just finished the Ozark Patrol and it went together easily, but can't get consistent regeneration. From the get go the regen pot sounded like an old pot on an old radio that was dirty (scratchy). I have cleaned it twice with CRC contact cleaner and no change. If you don't think that is the problem what else could it be? I haven't checked the voltages yet per the trouble shooting guide ( my batteries are new and measure 9.4 volts ) but this "dirty pot sound" was so obvious. I really hesitate to blame the pot but I can't get an even variable regeneration with what I have.  Any advice?  I could hear a few very weak stations speaking Spanish around 9 mHz.
Second problem. When I plug in a pair of headphones (Walkman style or my good Sony studio head set) I get nothing unless I ground #4 on the jack pin with a jumper. There is a tab (looks like a grounding tab) where the jack is fastened  to the board with no wire attached. I assume that is grounded by pressure to the board and needs no wire.  What are your thoughts?
Audio seems down on the speaker.  I questioned the output transformer installation but the "P" side is connected to the board as per instructions.  Anyone found the red tape with the "P" label on it backwards from the factory? 
I am using my MFJ G5 RV antenna that is my main shack antenna and a good shack ground.
Dave K8WPE

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