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Rick Bennett

I am guessing the issue is the capacitance.  The MBR1100 is about 60 pF at 10 volts reverse where the 1N5711 is only about 0.8 pF at 10 volts reverse.  I know the 1N5711 is good for RF detector circuits in lieu of a germanium diode.

de KC0PET, Rick


Ge guys here is the reply I received from Diz later today.

"The MBR1100 is NOT a sub for the 1N5711"
I guess that about says it all!
Thanks 72 
Johnny AC0BQ

On Wednesday, March 6, 2013, Johnny Matlock wrote:
Gm group
Is a mbr1100 a good sub for a 1n5711?
I was short one in my pig rig!
They look good to me?
Johnny AC0BQ

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