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��� I started playing with microProcessors when the 8080, CDP1802 & 6800 came out.� All self taught and read a number of books and databooks.

��� Designed and programmed a number of manufacturing machines & test equipment all Z80 based while I was Timex.

��� While Baxter Healthcare (medical products mfg.) the majority of my design & programming was based on industrial programmable logic controllers (PLC's).� All for manufacturing automation.

��� I am currently doing a lot of programming in C++, HTML Javascript, PHP, MySQL, etc., etc. for custom manufacturing product tracking, specifically for the corp. I am currently working for.� The more I produce for them the more applications they are dreaming up !!!!� This is all web browser accessible which is really proving to be a convenient access method for internal, sales & customer access.....� much more flexible and less costly than previous systems, such as....� SAP !!!???

On 10/08/2014 12:50 PM, Ray Cadmus rcadmus@... [4sqrp] wrote:

Thanks for the link to Arduino Internals, looks interesting. So far
other than a little playing my Arduino work has used other's code. I
built a nano-keyer that is based around the Arduino Nano - neat
package. I find that my coordination on the paddles isn't what it used
to be and I can no longer do 30 wpm on the straight key :-(

Can't copy that fast any more either...

Anyway, the nano-keyer also handle direct kb or computer input so it helps.

My next Arduino project, hopefully, will be an auto tuner for a mag
loop. Again I'll probably cheat - been following the progress of Alex
and friends with the Alex Loop tuner.

Part of my reason for writing though is plain old curiosity. You seem
comfortable enough with computers that I wondered what your background
might be?

I've been playing with computers since late 50's. Started with IBM as
an FE - parted company shortly after due to culture incompatibility and
moved on to operation, system design and programming. I've probably
learned, used and mostly forgotten more programming languages than
today's developers ever heard of. Still fun though...

Thanks again for the link,

ray W0PFO

David Martin - K5DCM ---o0o---
Mountain Home, Arkansas

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