Peanut Power Sprint Entry Deadline - WED midnite

Jim Stafford W4QO

Deadline: Midnite (your local time) Wednesday (Oct. 15)

If you operated in 'the Peanut', and have not send in your entry, now is the time to do
it.  Technically we do not need your logs, just your score.  If you are a contender for
winning a category, we will ask for your logs so you may send them along now
if you wish.  Logs may be sent in any format but ADIF is preferred.  Email logs may
be sent to pete@...

You may first want to check to see if you sent in your entry.

Go to

if you do not see your callsign there, send in your entry.  If you think
you sent in your entry but don't see your callsign, send again.

Ok, suppose you now want to actually send in your entry.  Go through your log
and from it, fill in the boxes on this page,

enter some comments, type in the text your see for security,
and hit the SEND MESSAGE key.

If you need a bit more help in figuring our your entry, you may
use this page:

Then you can use the info to fill out the contact.php page.

Hope you had fun.  If you have photos and/or SOAPBOX comments,
use this page for how to do that:

or mail directly to: ad4s@...

That's it.  Winners and scores will be announced in about 1 month.

jim/w4qo AKA Pete the Peanut

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