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    I have used alcohol solutions in the past and always felt like it was noy completely clean, just because of the way the board looked.

    I had used small amounts of acetone before to spot clean but was always afraid of using it exclusively.

    When I ordered my first radio kit from Elecraft, I called Elecraft and ask one of their engineers what they used to clean boards.  He told me they used acetone.

    I have since switched to using acetone exclusively.  I keep a jar with a lid on it that is large enough to contain 'Q-Tips' in it and put acetone in the jar.
    Using the acetone soaked Q-Tip's cleans the boards spotless.  I solder a few parts, then clean those spots, repeating until the board is complete.

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I was a stamp collector in my youth/teenage. I had put it aside after I got interested in ham radio and received my ticket.  I thought I was done with that hobby and gave my collection to my daughter who in turn gave it to my granddaughter. I have renewed my interest in collecting so I can help my granddaughter.

Any of you that know a little about stamp collecting you know that water soaking the stamps is the number one way of removing them from the paper. Problem is that now the self stick stamps of today will not come off of the paper with water. One of the way to remove the stamps is to use an air freshener. You spray the backside of the paper and peel the stamp off. For the rest of the story, you need to rub baby powder on the stamp to get rid of the sticky.

This air freshener is Pure Citrus Orange, 100% natural non-aerosol.  I find it removes labels and sticky from jars, labels on tools, etc. Recently doing repair work, I tried it to remove flux and gunk from a PCB. Sprayed it on the board and let it run off to a paper towel. Using a paper towel to wipe board just shreds the paper towel. Cloth like an old tee shirt cleans and dries the PCB without residue.

There is a warning about not spraying on plastic. Maybe other cautions that may concern the user. Sometimes I will rinse with water if it's a big area. YMMV.


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