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Richard Dickerson

I tried calling in at 7:30 to 8 but got no response .  I was using an 857D set to 10 watts and a ATAS 120 mobile in South Bend IN although I'm usually in Lubbock TX. Anyone hear me?


Richard Dickerson

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Well, the first weekly SSB net is over, and it seems like conditions were not all that good, due mostly

to the sun sending out a few flares.  I cheated a bit and cranked the rig up to about 20 watts..

I heard net control WQ5RP, AKA NQ0M,  at an RS of 45 or so, dropping down into the noise.

I heard WA0ITP, K5EST, and KC0PMH who were doing a bit better job here than net control.

I think net ctrl was vertical pol. and maybe everyone else Horz?   if you are reading this and

checked in, maybe you could mention your antenna pol. and the directions it favors?

I am not sure what to call the polarization of my antenna, its something I came up with a few

days ago and thought I would try out. Not sure exactly what this antenna is, but

  It seems to be a variant of a random length end fed the EARCHI antennas.

I wanted to make something to get on the lower bands.. It seems to work well on 40 meters

for our Nebraska 40 meter noon net on 7.282. out into the pan handle.

It uses a 9-1 UNUN tied up at about 38 ft, and a 53 ft downward sloping radiating wire.

that is in an east to west orentation that ends at about 25 ft above ground over my garage..

The UNUN only has the vertical coax line to work against to drive the 53 ft wire.

The coax is RG-8, and comes down away from the tower and has about 10 large

ferrite beads clamped about 2 ft  above ground  which means

that there is about 35 feet of (vertical counter poise?) coax before it gets choked.

So, I don't know how much of my signal is vertical polarized, but it does seem to be

lower in noise than the ZS6BKW antenna I had up in about the same location before.

Anyhow.. Looking forward to checking in to these nets as much as I can.  I work

4PM to 4AM and the schedule as such is I work every other Monday night.  so 

I'll try to get in when I can!

73  - KA0NCR


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