Re: Interesting kit.

Forrest Plumstead

Hi Chuck!

The output is about 0.2 Vrms compared to the RM at the same point of 2 Vrms.

Pat KD4OBQ is finishing my RM. He reported an output of 4.68 Vrms. Saw the output pictures, very clean envelopes. I might get it back this week, next week at the very latest. Are you interested in a sked when I get set up?

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There really isn't much actually similar to the Rockmites. Seems to
be a conglomeration of several different QRP kits though. I've never
been able to get more than 150mW from the one I built. It uses the
oscillator from the mixer to drive the xmit buffer stage. The output
is about 0.2 Vrms compared to the RM at the same point of 2 Vrms.

You would need to add a low pass filter to meet the FCC spec of
-43dBc for spurious and harmonics.

The muting and sidetone circuit is interesting. I'd save that one
for future reference.

There was considerable discussion on QRP-L but that soon died out
with no resolution to problems as I recall.

>Found a kit called the Frog Sound QRP. Similar in design to the rock
>mite except this has between 1.8 - 3 watts output. Available on
>e-Bay for $11.99 - $15.48.

Chuck Carpenter, W5USJ
EM22cv, Rains Co. TX

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