Re: NS-40 advice requested



Your assumption is correct! I noticed that you posted this to the 4sqrp reflector which is fine. However, there is a Yahoo group dedicated to the NS-40 and everything that pertains to this neat little transmitter. If you have not joined the group I invite you to do so. You can google it or there is a button to click on, on the page where you ordered the NS-40 kit.

Of course, most of the members of that group are also 4sqrp guys so you will do pretty well here also!! There are quite of few files and photos on the yahoo site not to mention the archive of all the postings and discussions!

Enjoy that NS-40!!

cu es 72, Bart W0IIT
Pittsburg, KS
4Sqrp = #72, FP= #11, ARS=#568, SKCC=1139, NAQCC=#588 FIST=#5819, Zombie=#500, Geritol=#1000(from back when I actually had a mic connected to my rig:-)

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