Dale Putnam

The Game Warden is watchin us... and he isn't plumb pleased just yet...
But then.. the problem is this.. he doesn't want to let anyone that is planning to have
the most fun in 90 minutes on the radio... get passed over.. when it is so unnecessary.
So.. let's appease him.. and please us!!!  (I like that part)

Put your FOX apps in.. please.. that will allow the Game Warden to be appeased.. and for each of us
to have fun.. during the fastest 90 minutes on the radio ever!!

or has been heard.. here and there.... 

Y'all come, y'er?

and if you don't feel experienced enough to do it.... (really).. 20wpm isn't that fast... 
and there isn't any easier way to learn, than to jump in and get wet.
OR.. if you want.. just jump in as a hound.. and grab pelts.. then you will be ready next summer or next winter....

Have a great day,
--... ...-- Dale - WC7S in Wy

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