uh oh

Dg Arnholt <dgarnholt@...>

well got an swr issue now it wont load any bands and the 440 shut down never didi that before. found a few bad grounds i'm replacing..  440 is going away for a while will get c 21 on i forgot that dc rec is a pain but i can relearnit..:0 )
now to see if i got some connectors stashed some place.. tuner acts like everything is really tight to load too.. i suspect my 20 feet of extra feed line but i cant bring the 100 ft into the shack to far even for 100 feet.
thats probably why the g5rv wont laod righ any way.. to much coax.. i was told by a couple guys 67ft. but i thought it was any length and the ladder had to certain length.. it is i bought it from mfj..oh i see why its bad now..get what ya paid for..:)
 Dennis wd9dwe
if you got some ideas, remember i'm not real technical if youre explaining my 440 troubles.

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