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Another free possibility is a program called GIMP. You can google it and you'll find it on Sourceforge. It is an open source program and it is totally free. It is used extensively in the Linux community and it does almost everything that Photoshop can do. It is available for PC and works quite well. I used it extensively in the past.

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>5. I use Adobe Photo Shop for bringing in images (from iPhone or
>camera or files) and can then adjust their size, contrast, file type,
>etc for transfer.

If you already have access to PhotoShop, it is fine for doing simple
jobs like those. But you might not want to go out and buy it unless
you really need it's full (and considerable) functionality. I don't
know if they still offer it as a standalone product you load onto your
computer, but if they do, it's probably still quite a few hundred
dollars. (I remember years ago when it was somewhere in the vicinity
of a thousand dollars.)

A much more affordable program is PhotoShop Elements, something that I
used at a previous job. It costs a lot less, somewhere over a hundred
dollars, and is quite capable. I used to call it "PhotoShop Lite" but
it still does a great deal, and probably more than you'd ever need at

It is apparently the successor to the very old Adobe PhotoDeluxe Home
Edition, something I still have on my computer and use from time to
time. Although quite old, PhotoDeluxe Home is still very good for a
lot of those simpler functions and does a lot more. I've seen it
bundled with scanners and such a very long time ago, and it may still
be available in some places (used, of course). Very old but still good
if you can find it very cheaply. And there are some good prices on
eBay for older versions of PhotoShop and PhotoShop Elements.

A lot of the Adobe photo products are available on a subscription
basis, but that quickly runs into a lot of money if you use it for
more than a month or three.

Finally, here's a freeware product many of you probably know about,
IrfanView. You can download it from:

It really does a lot, and it's free for noncommercial use. They do
accept donations, suggesting 10 Euros. (It's about the same for each
seat if you pay for a license for commercial use.) I used it so much
and found it so useful that I made the suggested donation years ago,
but you don't have to.

In case you're wondering about the name of the program, Irfan is the
guy's first name. Born in Bosnia, he currently lives in Austria. If
you already have it, you might want to check what version you have and
maybe upgrade. The latest is 4.38.


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