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Well, after 3.5 years of nearly weekly listening for the net (7.122mhz)  I was finally able to copy well enough to try to check in.  Semi-successful! But alas, I cheated.  Didn’t seem like Johnny was going to be able to pull me out of the muck at 5 watts so I maxed the K2 to a tad under 15w.  Kind of defeats the purpose of a QRP net, but I was desperate to finally check in.  This made my evening.  What I really need are better antennas (or antennae).


Made a qso with Wayne in the most recent Second Sunday Sprint, so maybe conditions were good enough I would have copied him well enough to check in had he been net control.

Thanks Johnny!



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The Four State QRP Comfortable nets meet each Wednesday night
beginning at 7:30 PM Central Time.

Dick and I will be using the club call, WQ5RP and
Johnny will be filling in for Wayne and will be using WQ5RP

Add anything to the exchange that you wish, temp rig, ant, etc.
Checking into all sessions is encouraged, we call it the "Clean Sweep".

7:30 Central time ... 40M CW Net on 7122, WQ5RP/ACØBQ NCS
8:00 " " ... 80M CW Net on 3564, WQ5RP/WAØITP NCS.
8:30 " " ... 40M CW Net on 7122, WQ5RP/ACØBQ NCS
9:00 " " ... 80M PSK Net on 3580.5, WQ5RP/NØTGR NCS

All are welcome! After the nets, a list of checkins will be
posted on the Four State reflector.

I love this radio stuff.
Back to the bench, Winter's too valuable to waste.

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