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Todd K7TFC

You can use 1/4 watt resistors (plenty of 4k7 at Radio Shack) if you can get the slightly-thicker leads through the pcb holes. You may also have to stand the resistor up.

Regarding T2, I think when each leg of the twisted-and-soldered pair goes through its own hole and back out the other hole--that counts as two "turns." In core-winding terms, every time a wire passes through a hole is a "turn." It doesn't have to wrap *around* the core to be a counted as a "turn." That's why I'm putting "turn" in quotes here. To be a bit clearer, take a toroid and just stick a straight wire through it . . . that's one "turn." Goofy, but conventional (as many conventions are).

Since Diz indicated a "turn" on these binocular cores is going through both holes, there's the *one* when you first insert the two legs, and then when you run each leg through the opposite hole (back to the twisted side), that's turn number *2*. According to the instructions, then, with 2 "turns" already on the core, you do that 6 more times.


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On Mon, Mar 11, 2013 at 7:35 AM, Graham <grahambloor@...> wrote:

Hi started my build on Sunday (10th) but ran into a snag , R2.3.16.26
: 4k7 ohm are missing ! and I have'nt any 1/8w res. in my junk box. And regarding T2 I thought 1 Turn plus 6 more makes not 7 not 8?
regards Graham G3UD 151

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