For Sale - PFR-3

Woody Hester

PFR-3 excess to my needs.  A shame to sit idle. This is the original, not the "A".  Works well on all bands.  Appearance is very good and works well.  I've even made stateside contacts with it from Oahu!  Audio output is known to be a little low on these rigs but using good earbuds, with the volume up, solves the problem. I built half of this rig then, due to 60 hour work weeks, sent it to WC7S who completed build, testing and alignment.  It was completed in early 2010.  Probably has about 100 QSOs on it.  Good old Dale (WC7S) kindly told me he'd "extend his build warranty" on this rig so you can't lose (although it's working great!)  $235 shipped / insured anywhere in CONUS.  Thanks! / WD9F  fghester@... (please respond off list). 72!

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