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Well, in addition to working KF7WNS, my only QSO, I did hear Terry calling.  But it took six listens to make out his call for sure. Wasn't worth frustrating both of us to make the attempt at contact!

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Get out your crying towels. The December SSS was definitely a bust.
The only happy camper seemed to be Gary (KF7WNS) in Bandon, OR.
Regardless, I'm enclosing the dismal results for December. As predicted,
it took longer to tabulate the soapbox than to add up the scores. One
item of note: With 2 QSOs, Terry (WA0ITP) was able to overtake Bill
(KV6Z), at least temporarily. This might turn out to be quite a horserace!

Let's all say goodbye to 2014 and hope for better conditions in the new

John AA0VE
4SQRP Sprint Coordinator

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