Growing the Group


Our membership growth has flatlined at 875, and I'd like to see us begin to grow again. Direct contacts seem to be the most effective way to grow the membership, and using email is the easiest way to make that contact.

We need a member to step forward and volunteer to make those contacts and help us grow.  Many of us can supply call signs of the hams we've worked so that the Membership Chairman has a supply of names from which to work. has nearly all the email addresses.  A sample introductory letter is attached, and just a few emails a week will have a large effect on the total membership, which is listed on this page

KV6Z estimates that
we will reach 1000 members by March 13, 2015. (mssg 5755)  We're not going to make that without some effort, but with a Membership Chairman we should beat that easily.  It's only 25 more members, and all is takes is sending a few emails.

Is anyone interested in this low stress but important position? Pse let me know off list
by sending an note to  wa0itp at

Thanks vy much.

I love this radio stuff.
Back to the bench, Winter's too valuable to waste.

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