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Michael McEwen

I tried a variety of noise control on my Icom 718...I did find that ANF seemed to be the best...could copy you, Jeremy, but did not hear Bill...didn't make the later net due to supper interference!

I love the challenge and can hardly wait to get the next shot.  I need to listen to the CW nets...I am just re-learning morse and it is proving to be harder for a 67 yr old brain than it was for a 14 yr old one...73, Doc K5OSA

On Mon, Dec 22, 2014 at 7:48 PM, Jeremy Utley jerutley@... [4sqrp] <4sqrp@...> wrote:

OK, so the early net nothing I could work was heard. Bill, KV6Z could
hear me real well, and reported that K5OSA was in there - I could just
barely hear the K5 when he called in, I think.

Late net, I did get one taker - KC9UDL, Frank up in Plainville, IL
checked in with higher power, but did drop down to 5 watts and was
still mostly copyable by me even at the true QRP level.

I am still dealing with a lot of noise on my side - the S-meter on my
920 is registering a constant S7 noise level on 40m each Monday night.
Gotta love living in town!

We'll do it again next week!

Jeremy, NQ0M

On Mon, Dec 22, 2014 at 6:06 PM, Jeremy Utley <jerutley@...> wrote:
> The Four State QRP Sideband net meets every Monday night (my work
> schedule permitting, of course). Tonite, we will again try a net at
> 6:30pm and again at 7:30pm CT.
> NCS is WQ5RP, with Jeremy, NQ0M as control operator from Beautiful
> downtown Iola, KS.
> Frequency is on our around 7.285 MHz, QSYing as needed to avoid
> traffic. Check the QRPSpots site for the actual frequency at net
> time!
> I apologize to everyone for missing the last couple of weeks! I've
> had some unluckiness with work that's caused me to get stuck a little
> late the last couple of Monday nights.
> Hope to hear all of you tonite!
> Jeremy, NQ0M
> in Beautiful downtown Iola, KS

Doc K5OSA - QTH: EM04sr

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