Re: Monday Sideband Net

Jeremy Utley

Oh, Paul!  We all know Kennie stole your Mic back when you were still a wee young ham! HI HI - nevermind that D104 you had hooked up to your old 520 in 94 when I was still crashing on the couch at the farm back in the day.

I got a spare 100W older Icom rig here gathering dust at the house if you ever want to get on sideband again, OM!

Jeremy, NQ0M

On Mon, Dec 22, 2014 at 11:37 PM, Paul Smith <psmith61@...> wrote:
Hey Jeremy,
I sold my only microphone in 95 hi hi...I had not used it in years. KB0BSG did loan me a SW rx a while back. I will listen in next week.

de Paul N0NBD

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