Re: Antenna question

Paul Smith

   Nearly 20 years ago when we were living on our farm I had a loop made with 12 THHN stranded wire. Insulators were egg shaped porcelain. I suspended the loop on the corners and one other place because there was a good tree there. I used more of the THHN wire and window weights for tension. I ran 450 ohm to my home brew tuner and no balen was used. When it stormed I unhooked the feed wire shoved it out the wire tube I had installed in the wall and tied the ends of the feed line together.
My farm was on nearly the highest ground in Allen County so if there was lightning we got it.
I saw the loop more than once sparkling with static. It sure was a good antenna though. It came down in another wind storm and I never put it back up.
Have fun!
 De Paul N0NBD



I would like to get some input on building an 80 meter sky loop antenna that I will use on 80 and other bands with an antenna tuner. I have some nice tall pine trees to run the corners to and I plan on joining the loop to the house with 450 ohm ladder line. Just under the edge of the house I will install a balun and bring it into the house with low loss coax. Please make any comments or offer any advice you can. I am hoping to learn from your experiences. Some questions I have are:

- What kind of wire should I use for the loop antenna

- What type of rope that will hold up to the UV and time (so much just falls apart these days)

- What balun, 4:1, 1:1 ?

- Is 450 ohm feed ladder line the best to use? This part will be about 80 feet long.

- Has anyone ever had any issues using delrin for the insulators?

- I am thinking about placing a screen door spring on each corner to allow the trees to sway in the wind… anyone ever tried that. Or should I just counter weight to opposing corners of the loop?

- How’s the best way to protect this setup from lightning?

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