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Those spud gun launchers work great.

I won one at OzarkCon a couple of years ago and I can highly recommend it after using it.  It comes in kit form with all the pieces you need already cut to length and includes the pvc pieces to make the projectiles to launch the rope into the tree.

You can buy the kit at -   and the price includes shipping to anywhere in the US.  The Joplin (Missouri) club sells these kits to support club activities.

You'll need an air pump, but if you don't have a small bicycle tire pump you might pick one up at wal-mart or some where and that will allow you to use the launcher on field day.

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I had 80 meter loop at my last home.  It was great antenna.  I used copper-clad steel for wire, ceramic insulators for corners, lexan homemade center connector, black dacron rope to hoist/secure corners and 450 ladder line to a 4:1 baun just outside the shack.  The dacron seemed to give somewhat in the SW MO wind.  Only had to put a corner back up couple times over 6 years.  Hard part was getting back down when we moved.  Feel free to contact me offline for vendors I used or more info. 


P.S. one important investment I recommend is to build a spud gun to get line up in the trees. My XYL almost cracked a rib laughing at the other methods I tried before the spud gun.


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I would like to get some input on building an 80 meter sky loop antenna that I will use on 80 and other bands with an antenna tuner. I have some nice tall pine trees to run the corners to and I plan on joining the loop to the house with 450 ohm ladder line. Just under the edge of the house I will install a balun and bring it into the house with low loss coax. Please make any comments or offer any advice you can. I am hoping to learn from your experiences. Some questions I have are:

- What kind of wire should I use for the loop antenna

- What type of rope that will hold up to the UV and time (so much just falls apart these days)

- What balun, 4:1, 1:1 ?

- Is 450 ohm feed ladder line the best to use? This part will be about 80 feet long.

- Has anyone ever had any issues using delrin for the insulators?

- I am thinking about placing a screen door spring on each corner to allow the trees to sway in the wind… anyone ever tried that. Or should I just counter weight to opposing corners of the loop?

- How’s the best way to protect this setup from lightning?

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