Re: antenna issue found


- I think the answer here might be, "Yes - but..." Even at QRP power levels, there can be varying amounts of interplay depending on where the tree is touching the antenna along the voltage/current (impedance) profile of the antenna. The affect can also be influenced with how wet or dry is the bark of the tree. There was an article years ago about the US Military using living trees as vertical antennas... not overwhelming results if I remember correctly....

Bruce - KK0S

--- In, Nick-WA5BDU <nick-wa5bdu@...> wrote:

My antenna wires touch tree limbs all the time. That shouldn't cause
you any problems.


Nick, WA5BDU

On 3/10/2013 7:20 PM, Dg Arnholt wrote:
kinda thought it was that. still the kenwood shuting down is a
mystery..i didnt think it had swr shut down.. hope the finals are ok.
oh yeah the antenna problem simple :) wire touching a tree..gonna get
a rope and pull it off and in the future get some help to move the
antenna leg. i would cut the tree but this is rental property


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