Re: Multi-Freq Pig Rig

Bill Cromwell

On Mon, 2013-03-11 at 19:41 -0700, casey kerchner wrote:

While using a switch is pretty much out, has anyone given thought to
adding an IC Socket and mounting the Rocks on a DIP Plug (or header)?
Then it should be quick and easy to change frequency. And it they were
plugged in backwards, it would not matter. Or go to a 16 pin DIP, with
one side for the 7.031 Xtals and the other side for 7122, just reverse
the plug to change freq. Just a thought.

73 de Keith ~ KC9IH ~ in Northern IL

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GORC 414, MI QRP 1163, 4SQRP


The pig rig is cool and has generated a lot of enthusiasm. It's a single
frequency rig. I have come to appreciate single *band* rigs and even
single *mode* rigs for their no nonsense, no compromise performance
along with separate TX/RX. I can see that the pig rig has it's own "no
compromise" performance related directly to it's single frequency

Maybe I'm just dense but I don't understand why anybody would want to
compromise that. And..wouldn't it be cheaper and easier just to build a
multi-frequency rig right from the start with a VXO, VFO or DDS?


Bill KU8H

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