Re: The Pixie of KV6Z


I worked NJ and KY with a 200mW Tiny Tornado awhile ago, and more recently AL with a 300mW Lil Squall all on 40M. Both are pretty much a Pixie II with a little lipstick.  Added a 555 sidetone to both of mine. I own a "Tixie" for 80M, a Pixie with a keyer chip, have never made a QSO with it.

LA3ZA worked 15 countries with his back in 2011 on 80M. I thought had read of an op who made WAS on 80M with one, but maybe am mistaken.

If a person is persistent, QSOs can be made.  After the novelty wore off, mine have pretty much stayed in the drawer.  Just a little too basic IMHO, a Rockmite or a 40-9er is a K2 by comparison.

72, Curt KB5JO

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