Donald Sanders

Unc Phil, I believe the reference to not using the cold water pipe as ground is when there is no other ground provided. In your case I believe the cold water pipe is "using" the main AC ground just as you proposed. You would be using the same main AC Ground as the water pipe if you ran the 10 foot wire from the water pipe to your station AC ground. 
However this would not be a good RF ground. For a good RF Ground you should use a separate ground rod and wire( actually a 1 inch wide flat copper strip is best)  from the station. And then possibly a couple radials run either around your basement ceiling or external to the house. Depending on the bands needed, one for 40, 30, and 20 meters. 
Here I use a flattened 1 inch diam aluminum pipe from the station to three 6 foot ground rods spaced 5 feet in a triangle and bonded together with heavy welding cable. I added a 1/4 wave wire on 80 meters as a counterpoise to reduce the RF in the shack, lousy rocky/sandysoil, and use an MFJ artificial ground tuner. No RF in shack now. The equipment 3rd wire ground does go to the main AC input ground. 
Possibly others will have other good advice from their experiences. So far in 60+ years, no equipment damage from lightening, but I did have a couple tower hits which burned thru the coax wrapped around the tower leg, bonded to the tower and its ground.

Dr. Don HC4/W4BWS

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