Sam Neal

Hello Uncle Phil,

My shack is in a converted 2 car garage - cinder block walls and concrete
floor. A minor crack appeared and those nasty little termites squeezed through
and ate some of my prize old magazines. The bug-spurt guy came and killed
then, drilling 5 holes through the concrete in the process, stopping them up
with plastic plugs/goo.

I removed two of them and with an inch to spare, I drove an 8 foot copper clad
ground wire into the ground under the slab through 2 of the holes, leaving
about 3 inches of rod showing. About as short a ground wire as I could ever
get. I then sealed the holes again, this time using hydraulic cement ( it
swells when it dries/setsw ) Keep us informed.


Sam Neal N5AF

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Hey guys,

Getting ready to sheet rock my shack in the basement - to keep it warmer
- and pondering how best to provide a safety ground, i.e. electrical
ground. Of course, want to wire the ground before adding the rock, hi.

I am assuming the right way is to run a separate (but costly) large
copper wire, 160 mil diameter from the earth ground connection at the
main electrical box or secondary box (have one of those too) to my
station location. Dr. Murphy (of Murphy's Law) of course saw to it that
my station is at the other end of the house! Hi.

Then, I noticed that there is a 160 mil (big copper) wire running along
a 2x4 header in the basement ceiling to the intake of my water line half
way of the basement wall, secured with a ground clamp (which ACE
hardware sells too). Hm. Perhaps I could run that remaining ten feet to
my bench? I measured the resistance from the bare wire ground on a
basement outlet to the water pipe and it is about 3 ohms. So for sure
the cold water pipe is connected to my main box ground, likely directly.

However ("There is always an however," Mr Murphy says) the national
electrical code - via a google search says DO NOT use a cold water pipe
connection for the earth ground in a three prong socket replacement for
a two prong socket (1950 era slang). I remember those.

Hm? Unc Phil in cold Lawrence, KS/W0XI

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