Phil Anderson

Thanks Sam, neat work for a ground, a termite ground at that!
Got my 160 mil wire now running from my cold water input pipe on the basement wall
to my radio bench. The other grounding clamp already there runs to the mains meter and rod other side of the house.
Checked with a meter at the bench, between the new safety ground wire and bare wire ground in the local 110
plug and get less than 2 ohms. Good to go.

I've got my ESD work pad and wrist gismo attached to the bench now and installing the 2nd receiver today (and tomorrow?) into
my I can run the P3 panadapter just purchased. Should be an interesting day until basketball time at 2 PM, hi, KU against TCU.

Strange things we do for ham radio!

Uncle Phil/w0xi
Friday, January 09, 2015 7:13 PM
Hello Uncle Phil,

My shack is in a converted 2 car garage - cinder block walls and concrete
floor. A minor crack appeared and those nasty little termites squeezed through
and ate some of my prize old magazines. The bug-spurt guy came and killed
then, drilling 5 holes through the concrete in the process, stopping them up
with plastic plugs/goo.

I removed two of them and with an inch to spare, I drove an 8 foot copper clad
ground wire into the ground under the slab through 2 of the holes, leaving
about 3 inches of rod showing. About as short a ground wire as I could ever
get. I then sealed the holes again, this time using hydraulic cement ( it
swells when it dries/setsw ) Keep us informed.


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