Re: Power cord?

Bryan Nehl

A couple of thoughts:

It will be way too heavy to deploy.

Connecting the wires at the ends to create a single length won't work like you want for RF.

To prove it out, You can try it out by wiring up jumpers with the whole cord first.  Then, if you think it is working like you want, move it and check it again.


Bryan k0emt

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My two cents worth - Sure, it would work, but why not strip the sheath off then you would have three potential antennas?  Good luck which ever way you decide and let us know what you come up with.

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Here's a weird, off the wall question:  I have a 50 length of heavy duty extension cord that is no longer needed.  I was thinking about using it for antenna radiator wire by twist/soldering the three wires inside the sheath.  Would this be good for an antenna?
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