Re: Tonight an expirement, maybe...



Any antenna is ticklish with a ZM2!  These things work but try my patience (a similar tuner lurks inside my PFR3). 

I don't have the exact picture, but I am doubting that rig, zm2 and operator are up 20 feet at the end of the wire? 

W0 land its got to be awful cold at that feedpoint, or nearby on the patio! 

Presuming your feet are on or near the ground, either a single wire or some twin lead can get to the radiator.  If single wire, its part of the antenna.  If twin lead its not quite as much part of the antenna!  If you could arrange to off-center fed it with twin lead (or ladder line), you might find more pleasant operation.  Make the shorter leg as long as possible, maybe at least one fourth of the length if you can manage it.  I have such an odd OCFD stretched across my yard, as a whatever-antenna. 

If you must go end fed, if you can angle it down toward the ground that may work better.  Also, as you go up in frequency, more radiation will shoot off the far end -- just a tendency to expect. 

Best radiating to you.  May the Lord bless you and yours. 


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