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I suggest soldering two 100 ohm 1 watt resistors, or four 200 ohm1/2  watt resistors in parallel to a connector. That will give you 2 watts of dissipation which will be adequate for 5 watts power for a few seconds or minutes. If you need more power simply use two 100 ohm 2 watt or four 200 ohm 1 watt resisters to get four or so watts of power. Keep the leads reasonably short and it will work well on almost any frequency.


Of course if you have a 2 to 5 watt 47 or 50 ohm resistor just use it! Also be sure the resistors are carbon and NOT wire wound as the wire would ones will have some inductance which may mess up things on certain frequencies.




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I guess I'm the dummy asking this, but I haven't found a simple solution thru Google, so I thought I would ask the experts directly:  what is the simplest dummy load I can make for my QRP rigs?

TNX in advance...


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