Tonight's 40m nets

Wayne Dillon

Good evening all, the early net was much better than I had hoped for when I checked the solar numbers earlier in the day. The signals weren't huge but for once the noise level here on 40 was reasonably low (S5-7) so I was able to pull a couple of stations out, always a pleasure.
The late net, only Chas made it through but at about 02:45 there was one but I just couldn't make it out - sorry.
So, combining the two efforts:
WA0ITP 2/5/2015 1:29 Terry IA
N0NBD 2/5/2015 1:33 Paul KS
N5AF 2/5/2015 1:38 Sam TX
WB4OMM 2/5/2015 1:41 Steve FL
KG0PP 2/5/2015 1:45 Jim CO
KD4OBQ 2/5/2015 1:48 Pat OK
K5TEB 2/5/2015 1:54 Terry MS
W2SH 2/5/2015 2:36 Chas NJ

​Thanks, Vy 72/3 es God Bless to all de Wayne - KC0PMH​

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God Bless from Wayne Dillon - KC0PMH

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