FYBO2015 Summaries, Soapbox, and Logs

John Stevens (K5JS)

A question or two about logs has come up...  You really don't need to send logs if you don't want to.  All that is really necessary is the short scoring summary or something like it with all the info detailed on the FYBO 2015 rules page at http://www.azscqrpions.org.  If you want to send logs, feel free. Anything will do. Email text, adif, cabrillo, whatever.

Please do include a little write-up about your adventures and pictures for the Soapbox section.  OR send a link to them if you have already put them up somewhere.  We'll include your links so we all can enjoy your write-up.

Send your summaries and soapbox stuff to FYBO2015@... or even reply to this email.  It will get here.

Here's a point getting tip!  Remember to use the LOWEST temperature you experience. Send it all day long.  Have that thermometer out at the starting bell and get a cool number.

We are looking forward to Saturday and hope that you will jump in and make some contacts and let us know how you did!!

Tomorrow night is the deadline for putting together a team!  Email k7ddmjb@... with your team name and members!

Watch for several NQ7RP stations on multiple bands at White Tanks mountain park on the western edge of Phoenix.  NQ7RP/5 will operate from the swamps of Louisiana between Baton Rouge and New Orleans.  The Louisiana station will start out on 80M and work up the bands looking for stations.  Yep. That includes 10M later in the morning too.

See you Saturday!  Reply to this email with questions or to K7DD.

72 John K5JS

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