CWFun Event 13


CWFun Event-13

The CWFun Event-13 is scheduled for February 21-22.

If you have registered for Event-11 or Event-12 you
are already registered for Event-13 and you will receive
a new wordlist for the event. Do not register again.
If you don't get your new wordlist by Feb 10, send
me an email at K2RFP at

If your email address has changed since your last
registration, let me know by email.

If you have never played in a CWFun event you should
give it a try. Register for it at

The K2RFP Sprintlogger has been tweaked to run nicely
for the CWFun events. Make sure you have the latest
build,822 or larger. Get it at

Dick. k2rfp

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