Re: 40M Net Signal Reports from South Louisiana

Sam Neal

Hello John,

It was great to hear you again. Tonight I was running my 6V6 xtal controlled
oscillator at 1 Watt output. My " QRP " receiver for ( almost ) all QRP rigs
is an Icom 718 even if the QRP rig has a receiver.

I also have a 6T9 " Lil Giant ", several of the MFJ 90XX series and other rigs
that are rotated on the air. I have a half wired 12A6 and an AC-1 clone on the
bench also.

I monitor 7122 almost all day every day so give a blind call from time to time
- also on 7043, the boat-anchor frequency with my AT-1/DX-20/WRL Globe
Chief/DX-60, which shows up on 7160 AM and 29 MHz AM also. Also a Hammarlund
HQ-110 receiver - see Give a blind call from time to time.


Sam Neal N5AF

Subject: [4sqrp] 40M Net Signal Reports from South Louisiana

Great net tonight! Enjoyed it. Here are some signal reports for 7122 from
before net time to just after.

Just before net
K8PSK 589
WB3K 589

KC0PMH 569
KV6Z 589
N5AF 589
WA0ITP 569
KD4OBQ 569
W2SH 569
N7NET 579
W0MFQ 569

After net
PT7/KD8ZQX 569

73 john k5js

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