FOXHUNT tonight

Dale Putnam

An 80m foxhunt will occur this evening, (local) starting at 0200z in the 80 acre wood (3550-3570)
N8SS and WC7S will be slinking around... looking to hand out pelts, to the lucky hounds that make
safe shots. IF the last few hunts are any indication of how this works best.... spread out the pack a lot.
We both have tuning knobs... and we know how to use them. We will indicate where we are listening,
by calling "FOX call-(WC7S or N8SS)- UP, or DWN"
The exhange is - RST-SP-NAME-PWR-
Please 5w or less. This is a propagation study, not how much power you have.. but how much skill.

Then, after it is over.. the PRELIM logs will be posted, on the qfox reflector, for TYPO, Fat Finger, or Transcription errors..
then, 24 hours later.. the FINAL log will be posted. The results of the hunts are posted on
courtesy of the Colorado QRP Club. Thank you, for the space, CQC!!

Have a great day,
--... ...-- Dale - WC7S in Wy

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