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Paul Smith

GREAT post Terry.

de Paul N0NBD

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There are only 31 days to pregister for OzarkCon 2015. We have another
outstanding conference ready for launch. Please go here to see what's
new for this year.

Check out this year's great presenters and topics and you'll agree that
Saturday will be very informative and interesting. Also on Saturday
we'll have the free lunch again this year. It was a great hit last
year, and the same business is doing the catering. The cost of the
Friday night banquet buffet is the same as last year, no increase.

We have held the line on the Friday night banquet cost, it's only $21
again this year. Four State is absorbing some of the expense in order
to control the cost.

The build session kit is an NM0S "None Simpler" Low Pass Filter in both
80M and 40M versions, you choose which one to build. This filter design
is an excellent performer and is perfect for any traansmitter up to 100
W. It's small and unique. The cost for the build session is only $15,
after Friday night the kit will be more expensive. Participation is
limited to 40 builders, so make your plans soon.

We have a few vendor and swap meet tables still available (free), so
please bring your parts, rigs, accessories, etc. The swap meet has
always been a very popular aspect of the conference.

WQ5RP and K0N will be on the air again operating daily with our annual
Dummy Load Contest and making contacts around the country, Station
Master Bart, W0IIT, will be happy to provide QSL cards for those who
work the Special Event Station, and there will be a prize drawing for
those who turn in their QSL's to Bart.

Plan to come to Branson on Friday April 10 and Saturday April 11th for
OzarkCon 2015.

Thank you for supporting Four State.

I love this radio stuff.
Back to the bench, Winter's too valuable to waste.

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