Tiana KE5ODX intro and flying pig rig and crystal questions



I'm Tiana Hall KE5ODX I joined the group a few days ago. I really enjoy building radios. My very first kit was the Steve Weber's MMR 40. Probably not the best beginning kit but with a little help from an elmer got it going. I've also build an ATS3b. Dale WC7S helped me align it. I've played around with soft rocks. I hate to admit it be I do have only part way put together kits and have kits waiting for me to get started on some of them are 4sqrp kits. I'm currently working a Small wonders PSK20.

I do most of my building after my little girls (7 and 5) go to bed. I have never been married but I was a foster mom in Texas for about 5 years. I had 12 foster kids (not all at the same time) 10 returned home to their families. I was able to adopt the last two. So my building and on air time is a bit limited.

My CW skills are still progressing so if you hear me. Please be patient and you may need to slow down. I'm also studying to take my Extra exam.

Now that I've moved to Utah I'm thinking about changing my call to a 7 call.

Reading the last few posts it looks like many of you are building the new Flying pig rig. Are there any of the club 7.122 crystals left? Is it still possible to get on the list for them?

I'm excited to be in this club.

Tiana KE5ODX

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