Re: Ten-Tec Argonaut


Have owned an Argonaut 509 twice and a 505 once.  If a person can find a working 509 at a reasonable price they can't be beat for a cheap QRP radio.  The prices seem to continue to climb as they become more scarce after nearly 4 decades.  But for my desire for grass on the other side of the fence, would still own one.  For a multi-band ( no WARC ) QRP radio they can't be beat.  I even worked a lot of stations on SSB at about 1W output.  The 210 CW filter makes working CW more fun with a crowded band.  I never did it, but recalll reading about folks using 509 on park expeditions with a 12V gel cell.  They don't weigh very much.

The 505 didn't float my boat because of the preselect working on transmit besides receive.

I still use a 540 ( the 509's QRO brother ) every morning on 40M.  I think one of those with blown finals would be the same 1-2W output and performance, probably even cheaper than a working 509.

73, Curt KB5JO

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