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Paul Smith

Sounds like a nice afternoon Arnie, my duties may interfere but I will visit with Toodles and see what we can do.

de Paul N0NBD

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Hi all,

My dad (Wilbur - K0SCN) and I are planning on getting to Branson Thursday evening, instead of 

hurrying down on Friday (a 7-8 hour drive).  As such we will have Friday to get

out and look around Branson.  Since my dad is getting up in age (93) and doesn't like 

to stand or walk a lot, we thought we might take the Branson scenic train ride 

in the afternoon.  I have done this in past years and its a enjoyable way to spend part of

a nice afternoon.   

So, I thought that I would send this note off to invite others who are down early to the 

"con"  to come along down with us and see the countryside from a "bubble" observation car  and learn a little of the local history (the conductors give an interesting  talk about what you are seeing go by).  

 Its a 40 mile round trip train ride  and goes either north or south of Branson depending on other rail traffic.  Joe, K0NEB and my dad and I are planning on going out on the Friday afternoon 2 PM ride.  It should get us back in time to get back to the hotel and get ready for the evenings activities.  

If you do  plan on going, it would be a good idea to call the depot and make reservations ahead of time,  but you can also wait in line to purchase tickets that day.

   Their web site is at 

Branson Scenic Railway: Branson's Most Classic Attraction

Info on the two routes, locations, and reservations are on the web site.

I hope to see some 4SQRP  members turn out for the ride, and maybe we can take

a group picture before the ride for possible inclusion in  the 4SQRP Banner publication.

73 - Arnie KA0NCR


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