Re: Tiana KE5ODX intro and flying pig rig and crystal questions



We are excited that you have joined us. Sounds like you are a perfect match for this group. Don't be afraid to jump right in here and ask questions, seek advice, and most important keep on learning and keep on building.

Hang in there on becoming better using the code. I have found that most people will slow down to let you communicate with them, if they don't, you probably didn't want to talk to them anyway:-)

cu es 72, Bart W0IIT
Pittsburg, KS
4Sqrp = #72, FP= #11, ARS=#568, SKCC=1139, NAQCC=#588 FIST=#5819, Zombie=#500, Geritol=#1000(from back when I actually had a mic connected to my rig:-)

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