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JT Croteau <jt.tobit@...>

Thanks Wayne, I've been considering the SS40 twins with the Magic Box.  That looks like it'd be fun although, until I move, my apartment antenna is the most resonant/efficient on 30, 17, and 15.  Not resonant at all on 20 so I'm not going to worry about 20 for now.

I'm hopeful that James and Kathy get back in business soon and not too many kits are retired in the progress.  I'd like to build some CW rigs for 160/80/40/30/15.  160 and 80 for when I go portable to my land and 40/30/15 while I'm stuck here in the city.

I'd like to get back on QRP PSK, I've had great luck with that mode from this apt. QTH, but I don't want to go out and buy an all mode rig.  I'm not sure in my abilities to build a SSB rig so I am thinking about the SDR-Cube project unless I can find some one with K1SWL PSK rigs for sale.  I'm glad K1SWL was finally able to retire however.

Speaking of SSB though, I wouldn't mind experimenting with QRP phone.  I've been reading up on the Beach40 and Micro40 DSB rigs a few people were building a couple years back.

Anyway, good to be playing with all this stuff again.

73 de N1ESE

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