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Paul Smith

One time at work I got "the notice" from the IT department after trying to go look at Marshalls keys hi hi..... That took some spraining

de Paul N0NBD

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I remember my wife being concerned when she saw I visited until I explained whst it was.

Tom Sevart, N2UHC
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There is the 4S EZkeyer III,
but if you just want the IC, try this:
A couple if IC types still seem to be available.
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I want to build my own iambic keyer around an existing chip programmed for that purpose.
 Can anyone suggest a chip I can buy somewhere, from a club or commercial operation?
 Searching the net, I see there have been several available at different times, but many are
 no longer available for some reason.  Any hints appreciated.
Bob - K6KL

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