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Bart, thanks for your reply.  I am replying to the reflector because a) I can and b) I miss other ESE members who used to be more active on various QRP reflectors.

I hope I die shortly after I renew N1ESE for the last time so whomever tries to get it next has to go through a lengthy process.

I happened across N1ESE by happenstance.  Since my novice days back in 1986, I had always admired and wanted a 1x2 Extra callsign.  When I had the opportunity to upgrade to general after moving to So. Cal, I switched from KA1VIX to W6CFO.  I had always admired the "Chicken Fat Operators" group of high speed CW operators so this was quite fitting.  Within a year, I was passing my Extra exam and could finally upgrade to a 1x2 call and, wouldn't you know it, W6FO was available and I jumped on that.  It was a great call at the time, especially considering the change from W6CFO.

I kept W6FO for a number of years as I moved back and forth from California to Georgia a couple times.  In 2007 when I finally moved back to 1-land, I kind of wanted a change back to a 1-land call.  I did quite a bit of operating in Georgia as both W6FO and W6FO/4 and DX stations always seemed disappointed when they realized I was on the east coast instead of the west.

Therefore, I started "shopping" for 1-land calls.  At the time, there were quite a few ESE members active, Monty (N5ESE) stands out, on QRP-L and other lists.  There were at least 4 other ESE's active as well but Monty has always stood out.  As soon as I realized N1ESE was available, the choice was clear.  

As much as I wanted a 1x2 back in my novice days, I cannot imagine any other call than N1ESE.  I will never be a good of a CW op as other ESE members but I will always be QRP.


On Mon, Apr 6, 2015 at 10:50 AM, Bart Lawson <blawson2@...> wrote:

I hope when you move you move that neat call with you.  Now that it isn’t a requirement to have the call area designator in your call sign when you live is a specific call area, I would not change it.  When we moved from NW OK to SE KS I felt a bit of pressure to change my call sign  to a 0 call and did.  I gave up an initial call - N5WL - for W0IIT(which I love on CW and that is why I chose it, because I operate 100% QRP/CW on HF) however when on VHF and UHF I have a terrible time articulating my call and wish I had N5WL back:-)  This is particularly true when trying to work LEO sats.

I don’t think a person could get a better call than one ending in “ESE”.  Look forward to your move and seeing you one of these years at OCon!!

cu es 72, Bart W0IIT
Pittsburg, KS

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