New England Code Talker

Rex Harper


Seab Lyon AA1MY, Michael Rainey AA1TJ, Jim Cluett W1PID and me W1REX all took to the beach a couple of years ago when Michael had just completed his New England Code Talker rig. The object of the Rexpedition (coined by W1PID) was for Seab to lift a 160m vertical using his kite and to make a QRP QSO 'across the pond' with his kite supported antenna. Michael had just built the Code Talker and he wanted to try making a voice powered QSO 'across the pond' also. I borrowed my uncle's beach front camp with 20' yard and then Atlantic Ocean direct to Europe. Seab strung enough wire across the lawn and down onto the beach to rival the likes of the Naval installation at Cutler Me. I took some video and captured some of the QRP drama. Here is the link to the Youtube videos:



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