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Thank you John,

for this useful commentary.  Hopefully a bit of the conversation at Branson will touch on this subject.

I wasn't seeking to increase your scoring workload by citing the NAQCC example.  But just to take another step along that path what if members counted for two points, non-member QRP QSOs one point and any non-member QRO zero points but with the QSO showing somewhere in a miscellaneous column, but not figuring in the counted totals.

And, importantly, the non-member QRPer should receive a Wayneogram or whatever else is being used to enlarge 4SQRP's membership.


Charles (aka Chas), W2SH
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I guess it's implied that only members can participate in the monthly sprints (i.e., can send me their score).  I should spell that out in the rules.  Otherwise, it would be possible for a non-member to win the privilege of using the WQ5RP callsign during the October 4x4 sprint, which makes no sense.  However, the rules indicate that members CAN have QSOs with non-members.  The exchange in that case, for the non-member, is RST, SPC, and power.  I didn't specify that the non-member needs to be operating QRP, so he could be QRO and still count as a contact.

In the spirit of growing the club, a QRO station having a QSO with a QRP station might encourage him to look into QRP and possibly join the club (it's so difficult to join-hi).

I did count your 11 QSOs for March, not just your 10 member QSOs.

Right now, we are only counting QSOs, not "points".  But I'd have no problem counting 2 points for member QSOs and 1 point for non-members, if that's what people want.  In the spirit of not changing the rules midstream, if we implement that change, let's implement it for the 2015-16 SSS cycle, which starts in November.  Practically speaking, I suspect very few non-member QSOs are being made and it wouldn't affect the contest significantly, other than slightly complicating the reporting process and doubling the size of my spreadsheet.

Maybe we can discuss it in person this weekend in Branson.


John AA0VE

On 04/06/2015 08:43 PM, Charles Moizeau wrote:

I think your decision to put off April's SSS for an additional week makes excellent sense. 

New Subject:  Although I've just checked the SSS paragraph on the 4SQRP site, I'm in the dark about eligible QSOs.  On previous occasions I've only QSO'd members.  In the March 2015 event (my submitted log is attached) l worked a QRP non-member and put the entry in brackets in my log, thinking that maybe it shouldn't be counted in my QSO totals.  I certainly wasn't looking around for any non-member QSOs, but WA9CFC was transmitting in a QRP briar patch and his somewhat chirpy note caught my fancy.  It did turn out that he was QRP with 4W.

What is the policy for QSOs with non-members?  Should they be counted for your running tallies?  It seems a bit odd to use the SSS to cruise an entire band just to make any QSO, be it QRP or QRO.

I'm an active member of the North American CW QRP Club (NAQCC) and in their monthly sprints they award two points for member QSOs and one point for non-member, regardless of power, QSOs.

Hope you'll get some views on how to handle this.


Charles (aka Chas), W2SH  

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Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2015 16:13:03 -0500
Subject: [4sqrp] Second Sunday Sprint


This coming Sunday is the 2nd Sunday of April, but it's also the day
after Ozarkcon. Many people will just be getting home or might still be
on the road when sprint time arrives. Or perhaps they'll be dozing on
the sofa, after a good weekend of radio excitement. Others may be
kicking themselves for staying home and missing all the festivities.

Regardless, I have decided to postpone the April Second Sunday Sprint
until the 19th. All of the same rules will apply, except it will be one
week later. I'll try to send my usual reminders starting next Wednesday.

72 and I hope to meet a lot of you in Branson this weekend,

John AA0VE

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