Re: New file uploaded to 4sqrp


I started to upload pics from Ocon, but realized it was going to limit the Mbytes I could upload, so just a very few pics, and I had to upload one at a time. So, I deleted the one pic I had uploaded, but yahoo sent out a message anyway !!

Not that my pics are anything to write home about, but I do want to get them posted somewhere and to Jeremy if he wants to use any.  Problem is I must have about 40 or 50 to pick from....

On 04/13/2015 08:42 AM, yahoomail@... [4sqrp] wrote:


I can't find the file nor the photos???
Did something change or am I just not looking in the correct place?


-Ed, WG5F-

David Martin - Mountain Home, Ar. - K5DCM

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