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Rich Fowler <k8meg@...>

You are getting this reading because of either a cold solder joint on one of the 100 ohm resistors or the switch.
First item would be to solder the resistors on top side of PCB. If that doesn't work, then reheat and apply fresh solder to switch posts.
Tilt board so solder does run into the switches. :-)
Rich K8MEG

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Sent: Sunday, April 12, 2015 8:48 AM
Subject: [4sqrp] QRPometer Power but Not Correct


I have a QRPometer that seems to be built correctly but does not
measure power correctly?

Compared to mine which does work correctly and accurately...

Mine measures a power source at 1.92 Watts

The bad unit measures 0.45 Watts from the same source.

The unit powers up OK except that the minus sign is displayed and is flashing.

Is there a voltage chart available? I probably could compare it
point by point to mine but which are the best and most useful points to check?

Chuck Carpenter, W5USJ
EM22cv, Rains Co. TX

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