Dale Putnam

The Game Warden... who so graciously invited all to have so much fun in the 
just past WINTER season.. has, after much cajoling, and arm twisting.. agreed 
to allow us one.. just one.. more shot at getting our FOX this year.. WITH the addition
of each member of the COMMITTEE also allowed to call CQ FOX.. 
The just past season of FOX and the Committee will be on.. Thursday evening, 7pm MT local...
or at 0100z Friday, the Warden said we can utilize both 80 and 40 acre wood... 
(I don't think he will care if we stand very very close to the edges... )
For a whole 90 minutes, we will be allowed to grab all the pelts we can.. that allows
for nearly 1.5 minutes per FOX to find, and obtain a pelt... on each band.

That.. just might be a whole bunch of fun.

Just ONE itsy thing.. since the scorekeeper will NOT be scoring this.. he has requested (and even said "Please")
Please post on the reflector, the number of pelts per woods... each of the FOX pass out. 
FOX are this just past season's FOX, and the Committee
FOX may pelt HOUNDS and FOX..   
Hounds may grab pelts from FOX

The exchange is the normal - RST-SPC-name-pwr

BEWARE- the names may be changed to protect the innocent... sure.. the innocent. 

I wouldn't be too surprised to hear 5 "beasts".... 5 "HICO"  or 5 "Cheese".... 
Or maybe... even a "WY Lee"..   
See you Thursday the 23rd!!
Have a great day,
--... ...-- Dale - WC7S in Wy

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